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Gucci Magnetic Color Shadow Quad in Serpentine Envy @gucci makeup is hard to find in Canada – Gucci’s website won’t even ship makeup to Canada. I found this at @winners in March. I wasn’t planning on purchasing more eyeshadow, but I’ve always wanted to try Gucci makeup and I wanted to wear more green eyeshadow, so I bought it. The eyeshadows remind me of Burberry and Viseart in both texture (silky smooth) and colour payoff (sheer, but buildable). This quad is great for quick looks (it almost blends itself) and you can create a decent variety of looks with these four shades. Do the eyeshadows meet Gucci’s claims? “vibrant hues” – the colours are gorgeous, but they’re more subdued and sophisticated than vibrant “lavish textures” – like velvet “saturated with color” – pigmentation isn’t everything! I like that these can be worn sheer or layered for more intensity “high-impact, buildable finish” – exactly this “a luxurious application” – the eyeshadows apply sooooo smoothly My main issue with this quad is the lasting power. I get ~10 hours of wear with this palette even with primer, which means that it will have started creasing at the end of my work day. My Viseart shadows last >16 hours and my Burberry shadows last ~12 hours. If you strictly adhere to the eyeshadow rules on YouTube and Instagram, you will be disappointed: these eyeshadows are not opaque in one swipe, they do not feel like butter, they’re all shimmers, there isn’t a traditional transition shade, etc. I would not recommend this quad for bold looks. I think it’s overpriced, but compared to other Gucci items (>$1000 for a tshirt?), it isn’t *that* overpriced. However, if your eyelids are on the drier side and you like simple yet elegant looks, you’d probably enjoy this. I’m happy that I purchased it, but I don’t plan on purchasing other Gucci makeup in the future. I’d love to hear about your experiences with and impressions of Gucci, makeup or otherwise!

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